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Nyepi is a Balinese “Day of Silence” that is commemorated every Isakawarsa (Saka new year) according to the Balinese calendar. This year, the Nyepi Day falls on Tuesday, March 28, 2017 (Saka New Year 1939) is different from most holidays. The new year is usually synonymous with crowds, parties and celebrations, but during Nyepi just the opposite.

That day, Hindus carry four restrictions called Catur Brata Penyepian.
1. Amati geni : no lighting fires (and lights must be kept low)
2. Amati karya : no working
3. Amati lelungan : no traveling
4. Amati lelanguan : no entertainment or pleasure, and, for some, no talking or eating at all

Many tourists avoid visiting Bali during Nyepi. But few people would choose to visit Bali during Nyepi because it gives a different experience of Bali.
There is a variety of exciting activities ahead of, during and after Nyepi.

1. Melasti
Two days before Nyepi, the Hindu Melasti ceremony. Melasti is a Balinese Hindu purification ceremony and ritual. In this ceremony, Balinese Hindus will conduct prayer at sea. Various means of worship paraded from the temple to the coast.

In the south of Bali, one of the beaches that can be visited to see this procession is the Sanur Beach. On the east side of Bali, you can stop by the beach Candidasa or Klotok Beach.

2. Tawur Kesanga
One day before Nyepi called Tawur Kesanga or mecaru. In this day also took place Ngerupuk identical with ogoh-ogoh parade. Ubud, Bali into the right area to watch the parade of ogoh-ogoh. For one day before Nyepi, usually held ogoh-ogoh festival. Ogoh-ogoh itself is a giant puppets made of papier-mache and bamboo frame. Because of its size, ogoh-ogoh be lifted abuzz.

3. Nyepi, day of silence
Nyepi conducted 24 hours, usually starting at 06.00 am to 06.00 am the next day. Hindus perform four taboos that can not be engaged, not be out of the house, can not be entertained, and not light a fire.

Can not get out or walking trails are rules that must be obeyed by travelers during a visit to Bali on Nyepi Day. Do not worry, the hotel usually has set up activities like yoga. Also plan for a full day of activities.

On Nyepi day tourists can enjoy a rare moment, a look at the stars in the sky with the naked eye at night. There is no pollution during one full day Bali make the night sky bright, clean air, and create a magical atmosphere.

4. Ngembak geni
One day after Nyepi is called Ngembak Geni. Bali residents to stay in touch with relatives. One tradition that exclamation Day Ngembak Geni is the ritual of Med-Medan or also known as Omed-Omedan.

Go into the village Sesetan in Denpasar, tourists can see a young Balinese alternately kissing. The procession was so crowded and hectic. Although impressed by the vibrant, local residents view it as a sacred ritual to refuse reinforcements which has been run for generations.